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Voice Demo:
Voice Demo
(Produced by McCrocodile Audio, Glebe)
Character Voice Demo
Written by and all character voices by James Caitlin. "The Mob Boss needs a remedy for a bad sore throat."

Voice Demo 2013
(Produced by TSD Sound, Crows Nest)
Ascent - The Space Game. Voice Actor - James Caitlin as Commander Dixon.

Ascent-The Space Game, a fully 3-Dimensional PC space game developed at Fluffy Kitten Studios.
Get the game at STEAM

Ascent is a Player Vs Environment space-based MMO with a focus on exploration and community. With over 270 BILLION star systems to explore and an emphasis on strong Sci Fi, Ascent encourages Exploration, Colonization, Starbase construction, Research and technology, Asteroid mining, Farming, Trading, and - of course - Combat.

AIRLOCK. Voice artist - James Caitlin.

An unprecedented new sci-fi web series from the creators of The Tunnel and Event Zero.

When a derelict ship docks with an isolated space station, A Security Officer is tasked with the investigation. He finds the crew murdered, and the ship's cargo - a destitute group of Sector Nine asylum seekers - hiding a deadly secret that threatens humanity itself. Airlock is a FREE HD 3 part online series to be released via torrents from Distracted Media, the award-winning creators of The Tunnel and Event Zero.


HYUNDAI Australia. Voice artist - James Caitlin.


Man Conquers Space. Teaser IV. Voice artist - James Caitlin.
Written/Directed/Edited by David Sander.

The independent, in-development, science fiction feature film, 'MAN CONQUERS SPACE'
will chronicle the major space exploration and exploitation events of the 20th and early 21st century in an alternative history timeline.

Cages (2011)
from Beini Huang on Vimeo
Narrated by James Caitlin